27 amino acids, 30 minerals, 14 vitamins

Modern medicine claims that drugs made of reindeer antlers and deer derivatives give a tremendous healing power. They improve metabolism at the cellular level and immunity, accelerate the wound healing process, and positively influence the mental and physical state of a person.

The drug of nine transformations

That is the way the Chinese call them. Heroes of their myths like to turn into – to get magic power and immortality. But it’s just a story. Here is some chemistry. The reindeer antlers consist of 27 amino acids, 30 minerals, 14 vitamins. Even if you obtain half a counter in a pharmacy, you will not get an effect analogical to young reindeer antlers. Their “schtick” is in the synchronizing action of all elements and in addition, natural. Such the eco – raw material with a biochemical treasure inside.

The secret of vitality

From the young reindeer antlers you can make powders, extracts, alcohol and water and hydrous solutions for baths, wraps, douches, ingestion. Such the drugs cure skin diseases, joints, male and female organs, cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal pathologies, improve metabolism, reinforce the immune system and body resistance to harmful effects and also improve efficiency. Eventually, who would have the secret of vitality and endurance if not the main laborers from the area of snowstorms and permanent frozen ground?

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