Bee wax is a material which is impossible to repeat.

Experts have not found a way to create an absolute wax analog artificially yet. Industrial manufacture has been approved for a long time, but none of the experimental samples can repeat the original in its composition and properties.

Extraordinary properties of beeswax

Bacteria do not breed in bee wax, it does not leak out humidity and electricity. Bees use it as a building material for their hives: in some wax cells offspring grows, in other ones honey
The beeswax does not reproduce bacteria; it does not pass moisture and electricity. Bees use it as a building material for their hives: in some wax cells the offspring grows up, and in others – honey is stored. In humans, the list of spheres of this material application is almost unlimited. They are ferrous industry, candy manufacturing and even encaustic, a special kind of painting, rooted to the ancient past.

Bee wax applying

Wax is used to cover cheese and fruit, shoes and floors, wood and marble works. It is in the composition of creams, lipsticks, soaps, candles, electrical insulating materials, medicines and ointments. Wax treatment is prescribed by health professionals of various profiles. In indications for use there are diseases of the ENT organs, dental scales and plaque accumulation, wounds and burns, kidney problems, joints, bronchi and lungs. Even an ordinary A vitamin deficiency is a good reason to add beeswax to your menu: it consists of approximately twice as much carotene than a proven itself carrot.

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